Visit California: More to Southern California Campaign

When searching the top spring break locations online, California fails to be listed most of the time despite the similarities it shares with these other popular destinations such as Miami and Cabo San Lucas. My belief is that part of the reason for this is because many individuals associate California with Hollywood and celebrity culture instead of the fun beaches and other outdoor activities and locations it has to offer. With that, the “More to Southern California” campaign was created in hopes of showcasing why Southern California is so much more than simply Hollywood and annoying influencers. The target audience for this campaign is college-aged young adults who are always looking for adventure and fun with their friends. I divided the campaign into two parts: Beaches and Nature. This way, the campaign appeals to a wider number of the target audience with different interests. The Visit California organization would hopefully use this campaign as a way to attract more young tourists and boost the economy in Southern California as a new hot spot for spring breakers looking to have fun in the sun and make memories with their besties. The campaign would be pushed out through YouTube, social media channels like FaceBook and Instagram, and commercials on popular TV/ streaming channels for the age group such as MTV, ESPN, and Netflix. I specifically chose to make four short videos as opposed to two long videos because the short videos work better for social media and appeal to the short attention span of college kids. It will be crucial for Visit California to utilize the power of social media for this campaign as it is the top form of advertising for this intended age group and the one they are most likely to be influenced by.